Dirk the Duppy: Character Design

New Project I am working on. At  first Dirk was designed to be a simple  and easy to commentary draw comic strip but I never do anything simple and easy. I hope to make this a webcomic in the vain of One Punch Man. This is probably the most in-depth concept art/character design I have made yet.

Dirk's Power-Ups

I designed power-up items for Dirk the Duppy. These are unique items inspired by Jamaican-American ethic/cultural background.

• When consumed the Scorch Bonnet Pepper transforms Dirk into his Lit Fit which grants him heat immunity, fire manipulations, and limited flight and upgrades the his cutlass into the blistering Flame Lass. 

• When consumed the Golden Tamarind Ball transforms Dirk into his Charge fit which grants him super speed and electricity manipulation powers and upgrades his cutlass into the electrifying Lighting Lass. 

• When consumed the Winter Ginger transforms Dirk into his Ice fit which grants cold immunity, enhanced pain tolerance, and ice generating abilities and upgrades his cutlass into the frigid Frost Lass.

• When consumed the Magic Mango transforms Dirk into his Giga Fit which multiplies his strength, durability, and senses 10-fold and upgrades his cutlass into the powerful Beast Lass.

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